Property Fencing can be constructed using many different materials, ideas and styles. The design of these fences will compliment your individual home.

Your boundary fence can include Timber Fencing in pine or hardwood both treated for termites and rot and are extremely durable. You can add a retaining sleeper underneath for a garden bed. 

Aluminium Fencing can be installed using aluminium or timber posts. These panels come in many different designs and colours for you to choose from. We can match your fence with an Aluminium Gate, Timber Gate, Pedestrian Gate, Sliding Gate, Farm Gate, Driveway Gate, Entrance Gate or Security Gate. 

Chain Wire Fencing in Sunshine Coast is a great product for Security Fencing Sunshine Coast or for dog proof fencing to keep your home and pets safe. 

Dog Fencing has various other products that can be used for dog enclosures including dog wire, star pickets and log posts. 

Retaining Walls can create a level platform on your sloping block or simply create a terrace garden . Your choices include Timber Retaining Walls, Concrete Retaining Walls and Modular Wall

Timber Screens and Aluminium Screens are used as a feature or simply a practical solution. Specialised Property Fencing can install screening around your bin area or around your water tanks which can include a practical clothes line. 

Colour Bond Fencing is easy to maintain, durable and can enhance privacy and security of your home (Security Fencing Sunshine Coast). Colour Bond Steel fencing has a choice of 14 colours. This is easy to coordinate your fence with the colours of your choice for your home and garden landscape.

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  • Tennis Court Fencing

Specialised Property Fencing can design and build a cost effective feature, Boundary Fencing or  Retaining Wall  for your property in half the time it takes to build a block wall and with no expensive strip footings and no heavy machinery which means no mess or damage to your garden. 

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