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Modular Walls is a cost effective acoustic boundary wall that can be used in a wide range of fencing options. Modular Wall products are Australian designed and manufactured to strict International ISO 9001 quality standards. 


SlimWall is Australia’s fastest growing fencing solution for homeowners in search of an aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective alternative to traditional Colorbond or timber options. The AcoustiMax50 panel employed by the SlimWall punches well above its weight when it comes to acoustic performance, due to its fibre cement and EPS composite construction. This makes the SlimWall a proven noise barrier that is fully capable of preserving peace, quiet and privacy in the backyards of Australia’s increasingly dense urban areas.


The VogueWall is a stylish and adaptable Modular Wall system that has emerged as one of the most popular noise barrier solutions on the market.

It is a proven noise abatement solution which is acoustically rated, and possesses an Rw of 28 when employed in conjunction with the AcousticMax 75 panel. In terms of dimensions the VogueWall is designed around a single brick-width pier, enabling it to match the appearance and style of a conventional masonry structure.


The EstateWall is a premium wall product designed to closely mirror the style and appearance of a traditional masonry structure, while still retaining the benefits of a lightweight modular system.

The pressed steel posts of the EstateWall replicate the dimensions of a double brick structure, achieving a solid and grandeur appearance for roughly half the cost of a conventional masonry solution. 

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