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Modular Walls is a cost effective acoustic boundary wall that can be used in a wide range of fencing options. Modular Wall products are Australian designed and manufactured to strict international ISO 9001 quality standards. 


The GuardianWall is the ideal product for those clients seeking an industrial grade modular noise wall system that is far stronger and more durable than standard commercial grade solutions.

The modular wall system makes use of the hot dip galvanised steel beams that are typically employed for more rigorous construction applications by the building sector. This sets it apart from the lighter modular wall systems that are generally adopted in residential and commercial contexts.


The BarrierWall enables businesses to combine the pleasing aesthetic of a domestic wall with the scale, resilience and outstanding sound insulation performance of a commercial wall.

The dimensions of the BarrierWall posts give it the ability to achieve a significantly greater height than other modular wall systems, as well as take on a much stronger wind load. 

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